Angelic Lightwork Sessions

Angelic Lightwork

Burnt out from the drama and same old issues?

Ready to disconnect from the gritty 3D world issues?


Are you craving to bring in more light? 

Yearning for renewed energy?



Let your Authentic Self shine thru to live the life you dream of. Finally let your Inner Authentic Self show up fully in your outer world.

Our 5th dimension lightwork can bring about these breath-taking lifelong changes.  So you can Live your life to the fullest.

Results after 1 session:

  • elimination of
    • recurring thoughts
    • recurring physical accidents
    • sabotaging thoughts
    • blockages to your primary issue

So how do the sessions work?

 Sessions may be focused on evaluating energy sources and focusing on clearing those. Or they may be centered on what is going on in your life right now.

Each online coaching session is about 60 minutes. You will be sent link to online session. If you don't have access to the internet, please advise and we set up another method.

We connect via video initially, then go into full audio mode. Video tends to move the focus outward, and these sessions are about maintaining your focus within.

Must be over 18.


Watch replay of Webinar 


 After you've bought the session, you will get email to book your date & time.  If you create an account, you can view available times. If you book an available time, you must pay within 24 hours, or your session will be cancelled. All sessions require 48 hour notice. 

Sessions are available Monday - Friday, occasionally on the weekend. Hours range from noon to 9 pm CST time.

 Staggering results with a package of 4 weekly sessions. This allows us to work through your entire Lightbody.


The pressure that I've had in the back of my head for many years is gone - Rose, Illinois

I've had constant headaches for many many years. They are now gone - Jackie, CA

The scary dreams have gone away. I wake up in peace now. - Ann, Illinois

My right hand was turned inward from being on the computer all day. After one session, my hand is now normal, and it doesn't hurt anymore. I'm thrilled! - Mary, Illinois


For Healers

  • Double your light quotient
  • Access higher light vibrations

We provide Lightwork of the highest realms which provide high vibration light energies, which are from the Master Plane, the 7th dimension, and upwards. They serve your personal ascension. Some of the masters we work with are Archangel Michael, High Priest Melchisedek, Lightlord Metatron.


If you are not completely satisfied with your investment, you may request a refund on unused healing sessions. However there are no refunds on healing sessions, because once we spend our time with you, we can't get it back. We can't guarantee results in healing relationship because results also depends on your openness to receiving and your willingness to do the work


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