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I'm passionate working with people in transition who are feeling boxed in, frustrated and desperate to find clarity and discover the choices available to them. I help them reach the joy and exhilaration of freedom

I started my journey to freedom as a child. And as I walked my life, I realized that I have a passion to help others get on their road to freedom.

So what do I mean by freedom. It is a conscious choice to live life to the fullest. I'll share one of my stories to freedom.

I was struggling with finding clothes that I liked. Why did the clothes just not feel right. And then I saw it. An online course to determine your type and what clothes best fit you. Since I love learning new things, I signed up right after I read everything I could find on the this course.

I instantly determined my type. It was like they were writing about me. Then I saw the clothes that fit my type. Oh my!!! These were the type of clothes I used to wear in what I call my prime to describe the clothes made sense. Textured, Asymmetrical. So me!!!

So what have I been doing the last decade! And then I realized that I've been trying to make myself into a professional business person. Nothing wrong with that. But I lost a part of me in the process. In trying to better myself I had turned part of me into someone else. I felt a loss at that moment. I needed to get myself back again.

I went out and bought a few outfits that fit my type. And I could feel the change. I felt so much more alive. I felt the strength of me returning. I could be both professional and myself. Amazing how the universe provides insights in unusual ways. I needed to find my clothes type in order to find myself again.
What a fun way to learn!


What my friends and family know about me


  • I'm into sustainability, permaculture, and organic.
  • My favorite vacation MUST include a spa
  • I've lived in the Midwest all my life.
  • I am a Gemini with at least two personalities.
  • I make sure I learn something new each year.
  • I love to read. Spiritual Books, JD Robb & Nora Roberts (need some fun time)
  • I try to spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren
  • I am a certified energy Lighworker, so I need my quiet time to connect with earth, Divine, and myself.



I've been described as "determined" and "straightforward" by those that know me. My determination along with my ability to scale challenges provides an approach to inspire others to fulfill their dreams and find freedom.

In my spiritual life, for more than 15 years, I've studied various metaphysical and holistic methods. I earned an associate degree in metaphysics, which includes the study of the application of universal laws. I'm a certified energy healer, certified LightWorker, as well as a spiritual minister. I'm also a certified soul coach. All these studies and experiences have provided me the ability to help you transform into the beautiful soul that you are.

In my corporate life, I've had over 30 years IT experience in areas of IT Asset Management, Project Management, Application Development. I've earned a Masters in Business Administration, and an Associate in Accounting.

In my personal life, I live for subtle activism for Mother Earth. From organic gardening to sustainable living, my enthusiasm drives me to learn and experience as much as I can, from gobbling up as much reading on the subject, to implementation of the ideas.


What I Offer

  • Fulfill a sense of adventure as you brave your way to find your freedom
  • Reveal endless possibilities to influence your surroundings
  • Breakthrough to tap into all your innate intelligence
  • Feel a sense of belonging as you fully trust yourself in all situations
  • Fully love yourself as you reveal your incredible essence


SMA Certified Coach

Certified Money Soul Coach


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