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From Frustration to Heartfelt

Strengthen Your Relationship Skills

Are your relationships suffering? Are you

  • Struggling with supporting your partner and not losing yourself?
  • Getting hooked into someone else's dramas / issues?
  • Barely surviving  conflicts and arguments?

Good News! You only need one person to break the pattern. And that person is YOU!!!

Become the change you want to see. You'll discover how to :

  • Have healthy discussions and stop getting triggered by the past
  • Respond empathically and with true love when the other person is hurting
  • Change your relationship patterns
  • Nurture your relationship with new skills and attitudes

So how does this course work?

You get 12 online weekly lessons. These lessons will be delivered via email each week, and you can sign in to your account.

  • Week 1 & 2 - Discover your unhealthy relationship mentalities
  • Week 3 - Foundation Building
  • Week 4 - Skills for a nurturing relationship
  • Week 5 - More relationship building skills
  • Week 6 - A good relationship starts with yourself
  • Week 7 - How the past impacts relationships
  • Week 8 - Learn how fear manifests in relationships
  • Week 9 - Build a Bridge for communication
  • Week 10 - Exploring Alternatives
  • Week 11 - Empowering Relationships
  • Week 12 - Keep your relationship on track

Each lesson will include

  • Reading material
  • Exercises to integrate the lesson
  • Journaling section
  • Meditations
  • Additional free material

Do you have healthy relationships? 

Again, this course is for you to transform yourself. So all your relationships will change! at work, at home,  with your friends.


Or if you are ready to move forward