Loving yourself on Valentine's Day

Love is something that every human needs. Spending it with someone you love is a great way to spend this day. And yet, you can spend the day loving yourself. The focus is a day to remember that love is our basic nature.  The more you love yourself, the more love you have to give others.


You can start by indulging your body to soften yourself, so you can connect to your heart.

1. Treat yourself to some type of body therapy.

  • Indulge in a body massage. This is one of the best ways for a woman to feel luxurious and beautiful
  • Relax with a bath by candlelight with epsom salt, bubbles, essential oils or salts with aroma,  and petals from your favorite flower
  • Release tensions with an herbal wrap

2. Treat yourself to your favorite food.

While chocolate tends to be the most talked about, if that's your favorite, indulge. If you have another favorite, add it to your plate.

3. Create an inspirational mood

  • Light all your candles, turn on your salt lamp, all other lights are off. Gave at least one vase of fresh flowers. Use your favorite essential oils.


Next you can indulge your mind so you can connect to your heart.

1. read or watch something inspiring. Something that lights you from the inside out. Something that connects you to your heart.

  • This year, 2018, they are holding off the final triology of Fifty Shades for Valentine's day, this is a good movie (I read the books which explains the story in more light), I also love reading JD Robb or Nora Roberts. I also love reading stories of people reaching down into their soul to come up from under.
  • The Vow is excellent  (  good clip from the movie    )
  • Sleepless in Seattle, and if you love old movies, the original An Affair to Remember


and finally indulge your spirit.

1. Listen to your favorite song or meditation. Music lifts the soul.

2. Write yourself a love letter from your Higher Self, your spirit.