Peeling Your Onion

So what is the peeling of the onion?

It is when you keep getting the same issue over and over, new place, new person, same person, etc.

Example. You have a boss that micro manages. and you despise being micro managed. So you leave the company to get a new job and you have someone else that micro manages you. Or you have a team member that wants to micro manage you.

So now you want that onion to go away! Right! You are so sick and tired of peeling THAT onion. If you need to peel an onion, you want another onion!

Well, the onion goes away once you've reached mastery of whatever it is you need to learn..

In the case of micro managing, maybe you need to assert yourself and advise that this style doesn't work for you. Or maybe you need to let go of some of the feelings this brings up. Or maybe it triggers some past events that you are not even aware of that you are harboring in yourself that attracts this behavior.


.Peel Onion